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How to Take Care of Your Hair - Always Look Good

I am sure that many of us came across at least one man or woman in our life with that perfectly groomed style, non-frizzy and healthy looking hair that almost could have bounced straight out of a famous magazine commercial.

Much as we admire these people  (or envy them), there is a high possibility that we do not achieve the same results to our own hair. The reasons are well... pretty simple in theory.

Nowadays our lives have become too chaotic and busy for us to be able and take good care of our well-being; and sadly that also includes our hair. Nevertheless, we can still reconsider, change and improve our hair care regime by applying simple steps into our daily routine. 

We've rounded up the top five hair care fundamentals (a.k.a the "Golden Rules") that many hair experts from around the world agree on. No matter your hair type and style, check the following simple do's and dont's if you want to achieve a healthier and happier hair structure or if you want to say goodbye to your bad hair days...

1. Wash your hair properly - Although this usually comes down to personal preference, washing your hair frequently can help in maintaining healthy hair especially if you tend to live in a very humid atmosphere. In addition, someone who exercises (and sweats) a lot needs to wash and shampoo more regularly. On the other hand, don't over wash your hair in order to keep the natural and vital oils which are designed to condition and protect your hairstyle. Therefore, keeping a well-balanced hair wash routine according to your hair type and lifestyle is key!

2. Invest in a good shampoo - Using a good shampoo which includes the essential ingredients to a healthy hair can benefit you in terms of:

a. Reducing hair breakages.

b. Delivering denser-looking hair.

c. Cleansing excessive sebum from scalp.

d. Amplifying hair texture.

e. Strengthening hair against cuticle damage.

f. Increasing hair volume.

3. Massage and aim for the scalp and not the ends - The most important thing when shampooing your hair is not how much shampoo you use but where you apply it. Always aim to shampoo your scalp and not the ends of your hair since the shampoo will usually rinse down in the shower. Also, try to massage your scalp as you shampoo the hair since this is a good way to encourage blood circulation which in turn helps in detoxifying the scalp.

Having strong, healthy hair is one of the best ways to make it look expensive; and this can be achieved by simply taking care of your scalp and properly shampooing. 

4. Brush your hair regularly from bottom up - Another important aspect in maintaining a healthy hair is by regular brushing in a gentle way and without tearing through your hair. There's no need to be rough when brushing your hair but treat it nicely and it will repay you by looking great and shiny. 

Always try to brush your hair from the bottom and work up because if you start from the roots; this can cause damage.

Oh and one last thing, please keep your brushes clean in order to avoid hair, oil and product build-up. This will also result in making your hairbrush lasts longer!

5. Use protective hair treatments - Many hair gurus agree that using hair treatments which aim for your hair protection is another fundamental aspect to a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays, there are many hair treatments which you can use and which target different hair aspects like repair and regain hair strength, dry or oily hair treatments, UV protection (especially for Summer), deep moisture recovery, shine and shimmer and also more advanced treatments like revitalization of damaged keratin fibers and Brazilian Treatments (which can be used either as an individual treatment or simultaneously as with all chemical treatments. 

Remember that the more you take care and treat your hair, the more it will thank you by getting healthier and making you look great!

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