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Discover the Power of Olive Oil!

With the power of Olive Oil, CHI Olive Organics Hair & Body Conditioner nourishes, hydrates, and protects hair and skin from moisture loss. Provides balanced hair and scalp care while also assisting in the maintenance and preservation of hair colour. The skin absorbs moisture fast, leaving it soft, smooth, and nourished.

CHI Olive Organics was created to combine the power of certified organic extra virgin olive oil and botanical elements with ancient concepts of health and beauty. Olives are rich in anti-oxidants and assist to strengthen hair by protecting it from damage. Split ends are prevented by a special blend of botanical components, resulting in healthy, lustrous hair.

How To Use

Apply the desired amount of conditioner to palms after washing and distribute evenly from mid-shaft to ends of damp hair. After cleansing, apply and massage onto moist skin as a body conditioner. Rinse. Using a towel, pat dry.

Key Ingredients:

• Calendula Flowers • Chamomile • Comfrey Root • Cucumber • Green Tea • Passion Fruit

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